Weight management is a lifestyle change and not a quick fix. Our meal plans are crafted to be manageable and combine the foods you like with foods you need, while staying within the caloric limit.

The combination of tailored meal plans and exercise routines that are sustainable, enjoyable and personalized has given my clients the power to overcome destructive eating habits and adopt a healthy lifestyle. 


Our Mission

The battle against obesity has challenged our country for the last 20 years, leading people to look towards fad diets and deprivation as a cure. Our mission is to redefine traditional diets and break this cycle by combining fact and logic for real results that will change your body and life.

My approach to weight management has revolutionized the world of MMA, making it possible for fighters to manage their weight in an effective, healthy way. For the first time in UFC history, fighters have the ability to avoid pre-fight dehydration and starvation and perform at their full potential due to my customized approach to nutrition and training.

He changed my life. I’m leaner faster stronger because of him and most importantly I’m healthier
— Eddie "Truck" Gordon